Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Weekend In New England - part 2

It's been a couple of weeks since I posted, but life has been busy!   I'm going to skip over much of the weekend events and just post pictures of the highlights.

We started each morning by walking to Starbuck's for Coffee, hot chocolate and pastries(good things there isn't one within walking distance of my house!)  On Saturday, we went to Vermont, stopping at one of the prettiest produce stands I've ever seen

and walking around Williamstown, the home of Williams College.  Coincidentally, we learned that the colors of Williams are also purple and gold, and even had  one car roll down their windows and yell "Go Tigers" to us along the street.

From there, we headed to Bennington, VT where we ate lunch at a brewery/grill and walked around town a bit.  One of the most interesting shops there was a gallery in an old bank.  The inside of the vault was painted in chalkboard paint, so we added our own graffiti to the wall.  From there, we headed to Bennington Pottery where they produce their distinctive dinnerware and accessories.  Ron and I bought some really pretty mugs there and I enjoyed watching the potters prepare the molds and paint the products.  Since LSU was playing by then, Ron and Don dept up with the score via also  their phones.

We drove out to one of the covered bridges (fortunately David talked Sally and I into driving--we thought it would be a nice little walk.  Apparently the map we'd been looking at was NOT to scale at all!)

We ended the day by visiting the Old First Church Cemetery, the graveyard where Robert Frost was buried.  It was beautiful with its picket fence and fall leaves.

Just as we arrived there, a man jumped out of his truck and flagged down Ron, asking if he could take his picture with the other people in the truck.  A little startled, Ron wasn't too sure until they piled out of the truck.  Definitely an SEC photo!

On Sunday, we drove down to Cooperstown, a beautiful town on Lake Otsego that is also the home of the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Of course, that was a highlight for the guys!  We had lunch at Otesaga Resort, then walked around outside and took photos before heading back to Albany in time for Don & Sally to catch their flight home.

And here are a couple of my favorite photos from Sunday afternoon:

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JJB said...

So glad to see the rest of your photos! Looks like it was a great trip! Also, love the layout of the photos! And, I love you!
[That's a lot of exclamation points!! But they are genuine!!]

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