Monday, October 8, 2012

Last Weekend

In my continuing effort to "catch up", here are a few pictures from last weekend.  Valine and Troy came up and stayed with us Thursday night.  I had hoped to go to Canton with them Friday (the shopping is usually lots more fun on Friday), but I ended up needing to work 1/2 day instead, so they left without me.  Of course, Valine and Ron finally had a chance to meet each other and he had a blast with her sense of humor.   We all laughed a lot and "MM" plotted ways to use her "gift" to get her back.

I was able to join Valine and Troy late Friday afternoon for a few hours of shopping.  As usual, there are always some oddities at Canton,

but the company is the best part anyway!  :-)

We pretty much closed the place down

and then headed east to Pam and David's house.  Along the way, there was the biggest full moon over the highway---soo pretty.

After a relaxed morning with our hosts

we drove back to Shreveport to do a little shopping.  First we stopped at Julie Anne's for lunch and a few pretty cookies.

It rained ALL day long, but the weather certainly didn't deter our shopping!  The evidence was in the back seat!

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