Thursday, August 16, 2012

Where I've Been Lately--Part One

I had last week off, as did Ron, so we packed a few bags, made a run to the grocery store and set off with Tyler headed to Broken Bow, OK.   Crowded into the front seat of Ron's pickup, we made the journey through the corner of several states and finally arrived at one of their favorite spots, the Mountain Fork River.  We bumped and jostled along the dirt and stone road, parked and made our way down to the river.

It was so pretty. We watched a few tubes and kayaks go by before deciding that we had time to blow up our tubes and take one ride down the river.

We eased ourselves into the water---good thing because it was FREEZING!!

Setting up chairs in the shallow water, we blew up our tubes and then hiked down quite a ways before setting in.  I've never really tubed much of anything with rapids, but I have canoed a few times.  Ron and Tyler insisted that the best way to tube was on your tummy, so I jumped aboard and we set off.  Fortunately there are no pictures of this!  My bootie in the air atop a tube is not something I want to show off online!  I cruised down the river, between the two boys, enjoying the calm water, as well as the rapids.  At the end of our "section" there is a small "falls" which we had a brief discussion about before we began.

When it came time to choose whether or not we should try it, however, I had been pushed quickly through the last set of rapids, past Ron and past the point of no return.  I went head first over the falls and proceeded to crash and burn!   

I went one way and the tube went another.  After turning a flip underwater and sputtering to the top, I was able to regain footing and turn around just in time to see Ron do the same thing!  Tyler, smart kid that he is, put the brakes on his journey and veered over to one side of the river while Ron went downstream to catch my tube.  I'm glad to report that my pride was injured more than anything else---I have a few bruises to prove my descent, but no other injuries.  We then sat by the falls to watch as others crashed over them!  There is something quite satisfying about knowing that your are not the only one to fail so miserably at something.  

We spent the night in Broken Bow and the returned to the river the next day.  The river didn't seem to be quite as cool that day, so we enjoyed playing in the water a little as we watched others venture by on kayaks and canoes.  

This time, we floated down sitting up and had the best time lounging in a particularly slow area upstream, watching the fish below and enjoying the sunshine.  Ron and I opted out of the falls this time, but I was able to get my camera in time to catch Tyler going over a slightly smoother area.  


We weren't the only ones having difficulty on the falls, but it did seem that the kayaks were the most stable vehicle.

We brought food and set up camp up the hill a little bit, under the trees.  As we rested, cell phones came out as they searched for a signal.  

I don't know why, but picnic food always tastes so much better than it would if eaten in the kitchen at home.

We headed home at dusk and were excited to spot this deer across one of the fields . . .

With her fawn!!

We had such a good time!! 

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