Friday, September 10, 2010

Awesome Individuals

After spending another amazing weekend with Jana and Callie, I am reminded once again of how incredibly lucky I am to have the 2 daughters that I have.

They've been through some really rough things in their lifetime and yet have come through them with such amazing strength and insight and compassion for others. And they are still able to have fun and be silly and laugh and play.

People that don't know us very well often get them confused or think they are twins. Some even think that their personalities are just alike. But, if you get to know them, you find that while they are each wonderful, they are also very different and unique. I love to listen to them talk to each other-sharing problems, bouncing off ideas or brainstorming for a project.

I'm always inspired after being with them--to learn more, to think more, to do more.

My youngest awesome daughter is now a youth director. Her blog post today was great and I hope that she doesn't mind if I share it with you. You can read it over here.

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JJB said...

i love you. thank you. i love spending time with both of you. i always feel wiser and more inspired. i wish i didn't have to leave.

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