Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

My school break, for Thanksgiving, started off a bit differently than I'd envisioned (of course, I should have expected something to go wrong). Instead of cleaning house and sewing Christmas gifts, I spent the weekend at the hospital with Mimi. Fortunately, she is now home from the hospital and recovering from pneumonia, and now I'm determined to get some of the things on my "to do" list checked off. This morning, I dropped Emmi off at the groomer's and headed out to run a few errands.

After beginning to move some of the stuff out of the storage facility, I came home to help Ronnie hang my new light fixture. Years ago, I'd found the old one for next to nothing at a sale and had a friend hang it for me, but it never worked well, the swag was way too short and, well, it was just ugly. I love the new fixture (pardon the busy background)!! The plumber arrived to work on the bathtub about the same time I needed to pick up Emmi, (doesn't she look cute now???)
but fortunately it only took about 5 minutes for him to unplug the clog (and lot more $$, I'm sure). I felt kind of silly when he showed me how to disassemble the drain to clear it myself next time. Oh well, at least the tub will be draining better when Dan arrives in a couple of days.

There are still lots of projects on my list--like new living room pillows and painting the woodwork in a couple of rooms--but at this point, I think I'll be satisfied if I can just get the house clean.
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