Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Fifties

Well, it's official. I am now "in my fifties". Somehow that sounds a lot older than just being "50". But, really, who cares?? I mean, it's just a number, right?.

So for my birthday, I got tons of great birthday wishes on Facebook, which was really nice. Jana, Rob and Callie all called to sing to me (which was fun!!). And this afternoon at my final collage class, I was surprised by another song and casino cakes (compliments of Callie). It was great! Here is a semi-serious birthday photo of us---if you take away the Chrismon that Jamie is using as an earring in the picture. And then because I discovered that I have a "timed, 3 photo" option on my camera, we decided to try it out. (yes, Jamie has on my jeweled reading glasses)
Our collage group has been small, but so fun! I think we all hate to call it quits for a few weeks during this holiday season. But, our projects really turned out nice--each unique and great! (we were supposed to bring frames this week, but I was the only one that brought one----we aren't very good at homework).
And as you can tell, there was nothing very serious at all about our class. We worked and talked and created and laughed and just had a great time! .
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