Tuesday, July 25, 2017

And Now He's Three

Baby D is no longer a baby for sure. And really, he is not longer a toddler either in many ways. We celebrated his birthday this weekend and had such a good time. The boys came over to our house for a couple of hours prior to the party so that Callie could get things together at their house. I tried to talk them into a few birthday pictures, but I was the only person on board for that idea.
Jordan grilled burgers and hot dogs (one of his new favorite foods) for dinner.
After dinner, it was time for presents.
Toddler D seems to have a new confidence about him in many ways. As he reached for each gift, he asked who it was from and then thanked each person before he'd even opened it.
He was thrilled with everything!
As was his little brother!
One of the sweetest moments of the night came right after presents were opened. He suddenly realized that it was time for cake and he got so excited that he broke out into spontaneous song and dance!!

He had given precise details for what he wanted this cake to look like and his mama did a great job making that dream come to reality.
"A heart-shaped chocolate cake with all the planets on it and candles in Mercury, Venus and Earth!"
And he got to eat Jupiter, his favorite planet of all!
I must say that it was quite yummy!
I was able to get a few pictures outside.

Then, there was time to relax and watch the boys play. Did I mention how much he loved his new binoculars?!
And now he's three!
We sure do love you a bunch!

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