Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Operation Halloween Costumes 2015

I have offered to make Halloween costumes for each of the grandchildren for the last couple of years---well, since I've HAD grandchildren.   The kids get to choose whatever they want, and so far, I've been able to come up work up a costume that they have been happy with.  The first year, Adellelyn requested a black cat costume and Michael wanted to be Spiderman.  It would have been a lot easier and definitely cheaper to just buy one, but in the end, they were so pleased with how they turned out.  (I didn't make the Blue Man costume)
Last year, the requests were a bit more difficult.  I probably spent way too much money and time on the costumes to transform  them into Art and Boo from Monsters University, but it was so worth it when I saw how much they loved them.
Plus, there were two new grand babies added to our family.  Archer already had an elephant costume provided by his other grandmother, but I sewed a penguin costume for baby D.
This year, there is another new grand baby so I knew I'd need a little extra time! After several changes in requests, Adellelyn settled on being Mavis, the vampire girl from the movie Transylvania.  Here was my inspiration photo.
I purchased some net sleeves and red/black striped tights and was all prepared to sew together a black dress, when I happened upon one on the clearance rack at Target.  She had seen a headpiece that she really wanted, so I picked that up at Big Lot's and only had to sew a vampire cape.  I forgot to take any pictures during the process, but they sent me this one yesterday, after the package arrived--(her mama will kill me when she realizes I posted with the messy living room showing, but hey, that's life with kids)!
At first, Michael wanted to wear his Art costume again, but a couple of weeks ago he changed his mind.  His request:   a brown dog that covers everything except his face.  Done!

After a visit to New England, Jaylynn requested a Crab Costume for Archer.   I had to think about how exactly to make that one, but in the end, it turned out pretty cute.   The "shell" straps on like a backpack.  
Baby B's parents decided that he would be the perfect "garden gnome", and I couldn't agree more!   The inspiration photo even looks a little like him!  
I can't wait to see him in the costume!
Callie and Jordan requested a Minion costume for Baby D.   I looked all over town for a yellow shirt with no luck at all.   So, yesterday, he and I made a trip to Joann's and bought a yard of fabric to make our own (plus some puppy dog fabric that caught his attention---I mean, how could I not??).  
I drafted a pattern while Baby D worked on a picture of his own.  
The shirt came together quickly and easily and looked pretty good.  I found overalls at Old Navy and only needed a cap.  Here is the inspiration picture for this costume.

I downloaded a pattern and cut out a cap, but could tell after the first few seams that it was not going to fit, so I turned to plan B.   Using a different pattern, I stitched the hat together and added a black band to mimic the goggles band.  
Fortunately, I held off on sewing the lenses to the hat on until I tried it on him this afternoon.   While it might have fit him fine, he HATED it!  (they are just laying on there there in the above photo)  When I attempted to try it on him to check the fit, not only would he not keep it on his head, he wouldn't come near it when it was laying on his couch!  

Enter plan C:   construct a hood instead of a hat and stitch it to the neckline of the shirt.  So far, he has tolerated the hood on his new rain jacket fairly well, so perhaps he would like this better than a hat.  
As I finished up this last costume, it occurred to me that the Baby B and Baby D don't have Trick or Treat bags.  It is too late to get one to baby B (next year!), but I put together a quick one this evening for baby D.
Things have been crazy busy the last week or so, but, I think they are all ready for Halloween now!  I would love to have a photo for them all together in their costumes--maybe next year!

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JJB said...

Talk about a Halloween sweatshop!! Thank you so much though! I can't wait to see Silas in his gnome costume!!!!

Next year, I'm guessing we'll have to put in our requests early with so many costumes on the docket ;)

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