Saturday, August 29, 2015

34/52 Intense

Long time, no see.   Here I am, in full catch-up mode now.  But here is a photo I took last night.

34/52 Intense - I talked Ron into going with me last night so that I could practice my night photography. As you know, I'm a beginning photographer and I wanted to figure out how to capture the full moon, so we headed out to the National Wildlife Refuge near our home where there are fewer lights. The mosquitos were eating us up as I adjusted settings and attempted to get things in focus. As Ron went to get the truck to pick me up, I looked back towards the visitor's center and noticed the moon slowly rising over the trees and behind the flag. Our flags are at half-mast right now. Another law enforcement officer lost his life this week in a senseless shooting that has left us all shaken. That makes three in the last three weeks for our state. The photo is not technically great--I still have a lot to learn--but the moment was INTENSE.

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