Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring has Sprung

I know that the calendar says that Spring doesn't begin until Wednesday, but around here, the weather has been saying something different.  This weekend was beautiful with clear skies and warm temperatures---the mercury actually reached over 80 yesterday (which was quite warm when you are involved in a 5K)!

Yesterday afternoon, was the first annual Sham Rock 5K Color Run in Shreveport.  I've wanted to do a color run for quite sometime, especially since Jana did the one in Charlotte back in November.  So when it was announced that we were finally getting one of our own, I jumped at the chance and registered both Ron and me.  We joined some of our friends from our running group before the race.

Among the 1,000+ people who attended the event, there were lots of tutus, knee socks and even green kilts (Tommy and Matt especially rocked theirs!).

Ron and I ended up walking most of this 5K since my shin splint is till giving me lots of trouble, but it was still lots of fun.

Here are couple of before/after pictures for your comparison:

And my personal favorite before/after:

While many people stayed for the beer party afterwards, Ron and I headed home to get cleaned up and run a few errands.  That night, we finally got a chance to enjoy the fire pit that he'd given me for Christmas.  It was great!

After church today, we made a trip to Lowe's and came back with a few plants and a new project I've been dreaming about!  It didn't take too long to get everything put together

and then we enjoyed an hour or so out in the sunshine on our new double- hammock! (I know--running does awful things to your feet).

To complete the weekend, we headed out to Academy and purchased a pair of kayaks that we'd been watching for a while.  After trying them out last summer, we've wanted a pair of our own and we finally found the type we'd been looking for.  We even had just enough time to stop by Bickham-Dickson Park and try one of them out!!! Ron went first

and then I had a turn!!!

We're going to have so much fun this spring and summer!!

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