Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fun-Filled Day

After getting back home and having a busy week at work, Ron and I have just about recovered from the fun-filled trip to Texas we spent with the grandkids (and their parents) last weekend. Friday, after work, we drove over to Stephenville so that we could celebrate "A" and "M"'s birthdays with them.  The celebration began with a trip to Glen Rose to visit the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center.  Carmelle and I packed sack lunches with plenty of extra junk food thrown in by their Papaw.  ;-)   Once we arrived there, we all piled into Carmelle and Chad's car and ate our lunch before beginning our drive through the park.

This guy chased after our car for quite a while, hoping to gobble up some feed from our hands:

We had so much fun, seeing all of the wild animals and feeding them along the way.  These guys fought over every piece of food we threw to them.

We all loved the giraffes---so pretty---but, they were leary of coming close enough for us to feed them.
Look at those eyes!!

Not so with some of the deer, however!   They would have gladly joined us in the car if their antlers would have fit.

Same for the ostriches!

One of my favorite parts was when we saw a flock of wild turkeys in the brush.  "A", who was sitting in my lap, began calling them in an especially high-pitched voice. 

The kids enjoyed the petting zoo portion, too.  ("M" was moving so fast it was hard to catch a photo of him in there.)  ;-)

I'll leave you with M's very favorite photo of the day.

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