Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day -- Cont.

I'm still trying to catch up on posts from our fun last weekend, so here are a few more pictures.  We had such a good time with Carmelle and her family.  Saturday, we visited Ron's mom--and Tink.

We actually visited his dad, too, but since it was my first time to meet him, I decided not to take my camera inside.

That night we grilled burgers that were quite yummy.
While the food cooked, the kids used tiny flashlights that I had around the house to look for a frog that they'd seen earlier in the day.

After insisting that they'd seen a snake under the deck, Ron checked it out.   Thankfully, it was just a water pipe. ;-)

Adeline was such a great little helper, handing her Papaw the pieces of cheese.

As it got dark, we gave the kids light wands which they had fun with out in the yard.

(with the laptop playing the LSU game, of course).

And in case you ever need to know, light wands can also be used to look for frogs!

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JJB said...

Too cute! But, I've got to know... did they find the frogs??

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