Sunday, December 9, 2007

Puppy Ponderings

"Every dog is a lion at home." - H.G. Bohn

I wonder what Emmi must be thinking about that new, giant, green thing standing in the corner of the living room? At first she paid no attention at all to the tree itself--she just wanted me to stop the decorating every once in a while to pet her and snuggle. But, this evening, with the lights on and the ornaments hung, she began to get curious.

First she slowly approached the embroidered skirt that has gold fringe around the edge. I knew this would be enticing to her, so the minute she began to nibble at the fringe, I clapped my hands loudly and she dropped it and moved away. But then, as she lay on the floor and stared at the tree, she seemed to notice one ornament that was hung way down low---just within her reach! First she crept closer and closer to it, then she began to sniff in the air near it. Finally, she reached out to take a nibble. And, just as she began, I clapped loudly one time and she jumped back in surprise. I think she thought the noise came from the ornament itself. But, of course, she needed to try one more time. So, I clapped once again and she jumped back---this time convinced that the ornament was fussing at her. Keeping a safe distance from the ornament itself, she proceeded to bark and bark at it, perhaps hoping to scare it away.

I wonder what she thought it was?? To you or me, the ornament appears to be a cute, rustic Santa made of wood, but to Emmi, it must seem like some dangerous creature that she must protect me from. Seems like anything with a face is cause for concern to her. I wonder what she'll think of the large Santa collection that usually sits on the hearth??
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