Saturday, November 24, 2007

New Family Member

My goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog already thinks I am. --Author Unknown

Well, with a house that is now an "empty nest" more often than not, I finally satisfied my longing for a new member of the family. For my birthday this week a gave myself the gift of a new puppy. Emmi is 14 weeks old and is cutest little Maltese. I got her Monday and she has already been such a joy! Callie has been home from college for the Thanksgiving break and even she has fallen in love with her. Of course, this is the week that winter finally arrived (complete with low temperatures and even a little sleet one evening) so those middle of the night house-breaking trips haven't been so much fun, but even that is going pretty well.

Emmi is such a character. She is so sweet and affectionate, but also has a great time playing with her new toys. She hasn't quite mastered running through a house with slick floors----well actually she's got the running part mastered, but not the stopping part. So, inevitably the quick little pitter-pat of her feet is often followed by a slide into a piece of furniture or wall.

Being a crafter, having a pet opens up all new possibilities for crafts and needlework. The other night, after deciding that Emmi needs a bed for the living room, I found some fun fabric and used these directions as inspiration to make this for Emmi. Fortunately, she seems to love it. She sleeps in it during the day and loves to run from across the room and jump into it. (of course sometimes she completely misses the bed and lands on the floor).

And of course, what puppy couldn't use a new coat to wear when out walking?? With Christmas on the way, I used a layer of batting to make this a little warmer and then hoped that Emmi wouldn't mind wearing it. She actually seems to like it and she looks pretty cute in it. With it on, we've been on several walks around the block. Walking on the leash is getting a little bit easier now, so I feel like she's on the way to being trained.
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